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Sadler Group of Charleston, LLC
22 Windermere Blvd. Charleston, SC 29407
Phone: 843-766-0261
Fax: 843-766-3512

Since 1893

Since 1893, the Sadler Group of Charleston, LLC has been a trusted name for commercial, investment and industrial real estate in Charleston and the state of South Carolina. Today, we are new generation of real estate professionals committed to building on the principles of client service established by the Sadler family over 100 years ago.By combining time honored values with the latest in cutting edge real estate technology and analysis, we have created a real estate company dedicated to client service.

Using this technology, we constantly monitor market and sub-market conditions to achieve the greatest value for our clients. The Sadler Group of Charleston, LLC has a proven track record of managing and protecting its client's interests in commercial real estate. We understand our fiduciary responsibility to maximize returns on investment and cash flow. We provide the highest standard of services to our clients.

The company was one of the "Founding Fathers" of the Charleston Board of Realtors and the local Multiple Listing Service.

Accelerating Your Success


Resources of the real estate professional along with the process utilized by the experienced Commercial REALTOR© are the cornerstone of the transaction. The value of Market knowledge, negotiation skills and innovative strategic approaches is priceless when it comes to closing a deal.


The Commercial REALTOR© stays abreast of the changing real estate business in terms of technology and financing. The Commercial REALTOR© handles and coordinates all aspects of the transaction process, giving the client time to capitalize on the clients own business activities. Strategic approaches are used by the Commercial REALTOR© in analyzing the client's unique requirements. These approaches lead to cost-effective solutions.


A third party in the negotiation process is invaluable on several fronts. A more favorable contract price can be negotiated with the proper structuring and expertise of an experienced real estate professional, enhancing the buyer or seller's position. The Commercial REALTOR© will provide the client with a buffer, protecting the client's proprietary information.